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 So, because I was such an enthusiastic little creature about the fic I received, I posted about them before Madness was up.

Here is a link to my last delightful little treat, which is every bit as good as the two I received from the main collection: The Still-Wet Ink of Our Convictions

As for myself, I wrote three fics, about which I am not allowed to speak for another few days, of course. I am terrible at secrets, and like talking about my writing, so this is me biting my tongue for a little while.
But anyway, I have had a truly excellent Yuletide!

In other news, my sister and a friend and I have been watching Shingeki no Kyojin. Although I am still a little bit iffy about my ability to take seriously an enemy which is comical-looking giant people with an insatiable hunger for flesh, the show is doing a devastatingly brilliant job at making me cry about the characters anyway. Traumatised child soldiers! People who are really really good at their jobs! Tons of friendships and a total lack of romantic subplots! Melodrama! (Episode 18 was terrible. Other than that I have no complaints. Well, loads of complaints, but the good kind, where I'm really emotionally invested.)

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