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Today I got ginger pu'er tea on sale from T2's unloved teas crate, which has turned out to be quite nice. Pu'er is very sort of...earthy, and that seems to go well with ginger.

My father sent me a link a little while ago to a radio program he caught (he's living in the past; periodically he still says "wireless", mostly he calls his radio his "transistor" - though to his credit he managed to find the thing online and link me to it) about exploitation and unethical working conditions and tea plantations which I think pertains to the company that T2 sources their tea from, and I still haven't got round to listening to it. Anyway, I may have to do some research and see what's going with regard to being an ethical tea drinker. I drink a lot of tea, so I feel I should know.


June 30th, 2017 06:39 pm
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So I slept like four hours, which was terrible, and I am very tired. Also right on the edge of getting my period, so extra double tired. Which led to at least one totally pointless emotional crisis. But that was like an hour ago, and then I angstily bashed at the piano like a teenager, and we're good now. XD

Other than that, I went to fight with bureaucracy, who have decided I've been studying for too long and don't get student support payments anymore. This is apparently fixable, if I send them my transcripts to show that I've been doing things all this time and not just...fucking around? But anyway it would've been nice if they'd warned me that this was coming up before they cut me off. Oh well, can be fixed, and they'll backpay me for the gap, probably, so all okay. Just a pain.

I looked on my AO3 account, and the last fic I posted was in April, so I guess it's about time for another one! I am obliged to do a NYR fic on account of being a disorganised mess last year in Yuletide and failing to default. I still gave my recipient their fic, but I submitted it after the deadline, so I have to write a NYR fic in order that I can participate again next year. So when I am home from ballet tonight maybe I will take a look at the prompts and see if I'm inspired.

On an aside, let me mention my deep investment in the next Doctor being female. Teenaged me imprinted on the Doctor/Master relationship super hard, and I am very keen to have the flirtatious animosity but between two women, because My Ship But Queer Women sounds like a delightful thing. If I could be bothered I would go dig up that MY BODY IS READY gif for this, but I am lazy, so just....imagine me tearing off my shirt to reveal incredibly chiselled pecs.
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So it turns out even though I thought I'd submitted my thesis draft, it didn't go through. I had an email from the co-ordinator this morning that was like "You haven't submitted a draft? Is there one coming? Are you okay?" So I have resubmitted and hopefully that's fine. This is really at least partly my fault for not looking out for the "successfully submitted" email that you get, but I was running out the door when I did it so... Oh well, it's in now, and it doesn't actually contribute to my overall mark, so everything is fine.

Now I have queer podcast editing to do, so I guess I will take a moment to spruik my friends' and my project. We're running a queer history podcast! We publish an episode on the 1st and 15th every month, and talk about queer people in history. I might be biased, but I think we're pretty interesting. But anyway, come find us! We're on itunes or podbean if that suits you better.

Anyway, it is very cold and I must get to work, so I am off to make tea.
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I posted in a friending meme, so I thought I'd better post something. I've been in study land and let the blog go into hibernation.

1. A friending meme! Go make friends with people.

2. I have a lot of Doctor Who thoughts that I'm going to write up after the final episode next week. Basically I've enjoyed this season more than expected, with the exception of that monks/pyramid section, which was pretty rubbish.

3. I am flying to warmer places next week to see the Royal Ballet. The tickets were expensive but we're staying with family, so that makes up for it, and also it is not so fucking cold as here. (I say this as an Australian. The Bureau of Meteorology says it's 9.7C right now; all of you from colder climes, I am glad not to be you.)

4. I am thinking about taking up aerial hoop, and also my favourite ballet teacher is running a class I can finally make it too!

5. What is which that thing where you decide to go and have a shower or whatever, and then somehow an hour later you are halfway between the couch and the batthroom reading some shit on your phone and you are stuck?? Why is that a thing? Humans are badly designed.

6. My friend's parents somehow...impulse-bought an old Church three hours drive from the city? Anyway, I went with a group of friends to stay there over the weekend, got super drunk on fortified wine, got to know a lovely and interesting person who had previously only been an acquaintance, and saw an old volcano crater!

7. I handed in a draft of my thesis, and while it's only half the work of a whole thesis, I feel happy to have got through it. I'm giving myself a week's break before I get back to work. (Except reading. My primary sources are memoirs and super easy to read, so they can double as recreational reading, as long as I remember to take occasional notes.)
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So yesterday I got up at 5am to watch the Eurovision final, having not gone to sleep until about 1:30 or 2. We intended to go to bed about midnight and get some decent chunk of sleep before the had to get up, but I ended up in an interesting conversation with my sister about the Hogwarts founders. Anyway, with the help of hot beverages and blankets, we watched the thing, and I was eligible to vote in Eurovision for the first time ever! I voted for Israel, Lithuania and Serbia, I think, but Sweden was pretty clever, what with the animations, and we were pretty happy with the win.

As for Australia, we were quite pleased with our entry, and fifth seems like a respectable result for our first Eurovision entry (Sweden and Austria are our favourite countries ever now for giving us 12 points).

An honourable mention goes to Austria, because just as I was saying 'This one's a bit predictable", the piano burst into flames. We chose to imagine that it was a pyrotechnics malfunction, and the piano wasn't meant to be burning, but the pianist was very dedicated to his performance and played on, because it was more dramatic that way.

My brother's birthday is today. We went out to dinner last night (so much delicious Thai food), and midway through, my sister became aware that the elephant shaped candle-holders and scrunched-up napkins could be used to recreate Hannibal crossing the alps. So then she had to use all the dishes to re-enact the battle of Cannae for my mother, and basically hanging out with classics students is an A+ idea.

Here are the important questions we have about Hogwarts, if anyone can answer them:

1) We're told somewhere that Merlin was a Slytherin. Merlin is way before Hogwarts was founded. Is this the wizard equivalent of the thing where totalitarian governments claim their nation totally invented aeroplanes?
2) Castles in north-west Europe so far as we can tell were typically timber rather than stone in the 10th century. Did no-one notice and think to fill in the Chamber of Secrets when they were upgrading to stone?
3) The plumbing is clearly a later addition. Who the hell made sure Moaning Myrtle's bathroom was connected to the Chamber of Secrets when it was built?

There were many more questions, but this is a select few.
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 So, because I was such an enthusiastic little creature about the fic I received, I posted about them before Madness was up.

Here is a link to my last delightful little treat, which is every bit as good as the two I received from the main collection: The Still-Wet Ink of Our Convictions

As for myself, I wrote three fics, about which I am not allowed to speak for another few days, of course. I am terrible at secrets, and like talking about my writing, so this is me biting my tongue for a little while.
But anyway, I have had a truly excellent Yuletide!

In other news, my sister and a friend and I have been watching Shingeki no Kyojin. Although I am still a little bit iffy about my ability to take seriously an enemy which is comical-looking giant people with an insatiable hunger for flesh, the show is doing a devastatingly brilliant job at making me cry about the characters anyway. Traumatised child soldiers! People who are really really good at their jobs! Tons of friendships and a total lack of romantic subplots! Melodrama! (Episode 18 was terrible. Other than that I have no complaints. Well, loads of complaints, but the good kind, where I'm really emotionally invested.)

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