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I've been nominating the Gracchi for Yuletide for years without a nibble, and now also for [community profile] history_exchange[community profile] history_exchange, for which success seems a little more likely, so here is a brief introduction and a non-exhaustive list of resources regarding the best pair of brothers Ancient Rome has to offer us.

Disclaimer: this is super brief, for the sake of brevity, doesn't mention vital elements like Cornelia, mither of the Gracchi, and literally the best woman ever. I will no doubt make a post for her later.

The basic idea of the Gracchi goes something like this:

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Dear Writer,

You are a precious treasure of a human being - not only do you want to write historical RPF, but you are willing to write it to my specifications (at least, to some extent - I am very much an "optional details are optional" person). Don't stress too much about anything - whatever you write me I will love.

I don't have any triggers you should be worrying about. I'd ask that you avoid incest, but that's pretty much it. (Usually at this point I'd add soulmates and A/B/O AUs to my DNWs, but then I pictured some of these people in that kind of universe, and it deeply amused me, so go ahead.)

I really like AUs. Every AU. Any AU. Alternate worlds, one-single-change-wreaks-vast-repercussions AUs, crossover AUs. I’ve occasionally put suggestions for AUs under specific categories, but don’t feel like they’re comprehensive lists. I am literally always up for an AU, no matter how weird and far removed from the source you think it is. Seriously. Go to town on this, if it’s your kind of thing.

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