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 Yes, it is still December in my heart. This one is for [personal profile] the_rck, who asked, "If you can do it without giving away what you're writing, what are your favourite things about doing Yuletide?" I am far too late to worry about giving anything away, so here goes.

One excellent thing about Yuletide, I think, is that it encourages me to write things, and better yet, encourages me to write things that might not find an audience if I'd written them out of Yuletide season, or that I might not even have thought of, except that I saw someone's prompt about them. This Yuletide I spent a great deal of time reading primary sources about the Punic Wars, and begging my sister, who has studied it at uni, to pass on resources and juicy details. I am lucky she is an impassioned supporter of the Roman Republic, and saw it as an opportunity to preach her cause. Anyway, I came out of it with a lot of exciting knowledge, a new fandom, and a fic people seemed to like, so that was delightful.

One of my other favourite things about Yuletide is the things people nominate and write for which are not conventional fandoms - artworks, poetry, twitter accounts, TV ads, memes, Ghost Soup: Infidel Blue, Peter Capaldi's Eyebrows Anthropomorfic... The hard-boiled-detective-meets-Greek-mythology fic. Sleeping Beauty in space. Like, on the one hand, Yuletide is about tiny fandoms and forgotten fandoms, but it's also about finding things that were never meant to be stories, and making them into stories.

I enjoy Dear Author Letters a lot. I like writing my letter, and reading other people's. People put a lot of thought into them, and it's interesting seeing people articulate what's great about their fandom, or even what they hate and want to see changed. And I mean, sometimes you read someone's letter and find that the thing you really love about that fandom is a thing they barely even noticed, or a thing they hated, or vice versa. But because it's all about tiny fandoms, and a lot of people get involved who aren't very active in fandom the rest of the year, it's a whole lot of new voices writing exciting meta, and an audience for that fic you never knew you wanted to write until to read that prompt, all wrapped up together, and it's great.

Also - it's really lovely to have fic written for you, and people do such a fantastic job of it!
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 I know I have posts owing between now and the 14th, but it turns out I'll be away, so all you people to whom I promised posts, fear not! They will come. They will probably just come a little later than planned.
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I am already late with this, but hey, it's still December 3rd somewhere, right? My first post for the December meme. Thank you [personal profile] melannen for such an excellent topic!

So I was torn for a while between writing a list of things I would enjoy in the next season of Doctor Who, and going all out and writing an entire plot. I discussed it with my sister, and we went for the latter. The short version: I like Time Lords, stand-alone episodes, Romana and Doctor/Master interactions. The long version is under the cut.

The silliest Doctor Who season we've had in a while... )

If you still want to prompt me something, I've got lots of space left, and the link is up there at the top of the post.

Thank you!
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