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 I have read quite a bit lately, apparently.

So yesterday I finished Sekret, by Lindsay Smith. The premise was that our protagonist, Yulia, is a teenager in the 1960s in Moscow, and she's forced into working for the KGB, who train her psychic abilities and use her as a spy, which is very silly, but exactly my kind of very silly. Anyway, I am disappointed, because whilel it was a fabulous premise, all the characters were a little bit too flat for me to care about, it had a disappointingly uninteresting romantic subplot, and it is sad to me that you can manage to write Psychic Spies Do The Cold War! in a way that I don't care about.

To their credit, though, they had a pair of twins with psychic abilities who didn't have any particularly unique telepathic connection or twin magic or anything like that, and I do like it when fictional twins come without the superstitions.
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