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Hello friend!

Sorry this is a little late. Having a job is weirdly exhausting??

Anyway, very glad to see you here: you have good taste in small fandoms, and I’m lucky enough to have scored you as my writer. Thank you very much. The important thing you need to know here is that I am spectacularly easy to please. Write me a story in any of these fandoms, and I will love you. This letter is absolutely optional. Consider it a collection of prompts and ideas, rather than a recipe for pleasing me. But if prompts and ideas and me rambling about my fandoms if what you're after, you are in the right place.

Feel free to browse both this journal and my tumblr ( if you want to get to know me. I've tried to make public everything that isn't just me blogging to-do lists and day-to-day life. I don't post a lot of original content on Tumblr, but I do chatter in the tags a bit.


Okay, general things first, with important parts bolded for those who hate walls of text.

I have no serious triggers, but there’s a couple of things I’d prefer you didn’t write: soulmates AUs, daddy kink, or A/B/O. Also, if you avoided plots that centre around embarrassment or miscommunication, that would be delightful.

Feel free to browse my Tumblr, if you want to get to know me better. Feel free to message Tumblr user doeskin-pantaloons if you need to check if I’d like something. She’s my sister, and she will guard your secrets with her life.

Things I like: Character-driven stories. People you never expected to become friends being friends. Happy endings, and bittersweet endings. I like characters who support each other and talk to each other. Conversely, terrible unhealthy power dynamics. But on a fundamental level, I am all about character interaction.

There are a couple of places where I’ve specifically mentioned romance or sex between two characters in my request. Read those requests with this in mind: Romance is not a requirement for me, let alone porn. If you have an excellent idea that involves filthy sex, go ahead - that would be delightful - but if it doesn’t come up, or it’s not your thing, don’t feel like you have to shoehorn it in for me. As much or as little as you and your characters are comfortable with.

I really like AUs. Every AU. Any AU. Alternate worlds, one-single-change-wreaks-vast-repercussions AUs, crossover AUs. I am literally always up for an AU, no matter how weird and far removed from the source you think it is. Keep the characterisation consistent, and I will be there with you. Seriously. Go to town on this, if it’s your kind of thing.

1. Ballets Russes RPF
I requested this fandom on account of having just seen John Neumeier's ballet Nijinsky. Unfortunately, I can't seem to find video of the Nijinsky/Diaghilev pas de deux online, or I would link it so you two could admire the messy terrible power dynamic they have going on in it, but in any case, I can provide you with this still to give you a sense of what it was like. Nijinsky and Diaghilev getting kinky
Neumeier was not fucking around. But - this is only one possible representation of their relationship, fucked up and delightful though it is, so if you want to write me anything from any moment of their relationship - be it sweet and fluffy or twisted as hell, enjoy. (Kink is more than welcome, if that's your thing.)
If you don't want to write about the two of them being messy and intimate, I'd love to see their working relationship - how do they interact in a professional context? - or just what producing a ballet in the early 20th century looked like. Anything is great.

2. Transistor
This game was so pretty. So so pretty, and bittersweet. If you can capture any of the bittersweet feeling, I will be in your debt forever. Or if you want to play with any of the tiny little worldbuilding details scattered around the place.

One of the most haunting things about it was all the time Red spends wandering around in deserted suburbs that she obviously knew well. Shoe me this world when it was working, when people lived there and did things there and ordered home delivery and things

Alternatively, Red's lover is this delightful combination of supportive and encouraging and slightly snarky, and I love him very much, and I want to see them interact, either before he was in the Transistor, or a missing moment of downtime during the game, or...well, whenever. He just seems lovely and I want them to be sweet and lovely together.

There are also just a lot of characters who you only ever learn a little about, and they all sound equally fascinating and complex and quirky, and sometimes queer, and I would love to hear more about literally anyone mentioned in this game. Or...anything at all, about any of the Camerata.

3. Yuri!! on Ice

I am watching this as it airs, so don't fret about spoilers; conversely, I know it's hard to write fic about something that's still coming out, so also don't stress if you wind up writing something that's not canon compliant.

Anyway, what I love about it is its enthusiastic embrace of ridiculous tropes. What if we gave two of our protagonists the same name to highlight the parallels between them. But what if your figure skating idol's dressing gown slipped a little and revealed his delicate beautiful shouler blade?

So, I'll take literally configuration of pining amongst the three of them. Victor and Yuri Katsuki developing an inappropriate relationship. Anything where pork cutlet bowls are consumed. Yuri Plisetsky attempting to seduce anyone. (I ask that if you want to write Yuri Plisetsky getting involved with one of the other two, you age them all up a little, just because that's tricky to navigate in a way I'll enjoy.)

I also take non-romance plots. I would love to see the two Yuris slowly developing an awkward friendship. Or just...Victor, being the eccentric scatter-brained genius he apparently is. I know virtually nothing about the actual mechanics of figure skating, so if you want to get into the gritty details, I'd be delighted to learn something.

This is one I feel would take to an AU like a duck to water. Space AU? Time travel AU? Heist AU? I don't know. Whatever you've got. The three of them just have such a ridiculous delightful dynamic that I'd love to see it in other settings. (Hey, an AU is a great place to have Yuri/Yuri/Victor without the uncomfortable age difference.)

So, I hope that helps some? I'll love whatever I get, and I love you, and good luck with the writing.

Alasse Irena

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