June 30th, 2017


June 30th, 2017 06:39 pm
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So I slept like four hours, which was terrible, and I am very tired. Also right on the edge of getting my period, so extra double tired. Which led to at least one totally pointless emotional crisis. But that was like an hour ago, and then I angstily bashed at the piano like a teenager, and we're good now. XD

Other than that, I went to fight with bureaucracy, who have decided I've been studying for too long and don't get student support payments anymore. This is apparently fixable, if I send them my transcripts to show that I've been doing things all this time and not just...fucking around? But anyway it would've been nice if they'd warned me that this was coming up before they cut me off. Oh well, can be fixed, and they'll backpay me for the gap, probably, so all okay. Just a pain.

I looked on my AO3 account, and the last fic I posted was in April, so I guess it's about time for another one! I am obliged to do a NYR fic on account of being a disorganised mess last year in Yuletide and failing to default. I still gave my recipient their fic, but I submitted it after the deadline, so I have to write a NYR fic in order that I can participate again next year. So when I am home from ballet tonight maybe I will take a look at the prompts and see if I'm inspired.

On an aside, let me mention my deep investment in the next Doctor being female. Teenaged me imprinted on the Doctor/Master relationship super hard, and I am very keen to have the flirtatious animosity but between two women, because My Ship But Queer Women sounds like a delightful thing. If I could be bothered I would go dig up that MY BODY IS READY gif for this, but I am lazy, so just....imagine me tearing off my shirt to reveal incredibly chiselled pecs.
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