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Dear Yuletide Author,

Most of this letter is cobbled together from previous letters, but

I have no serious triggers, but there’s a couple of things I’d prefer you didn’t write: soulmates AUs and A/B/O. (Usually I would mention incest here, but I’ve listed at least one fandom with incest in the canon, and I have no problems with exploration of canon incestuous relationships) Also, if you avoided plots that centre around embarrassment or miscommunication (think rom-coms and teen drama), that would be delightful.

Feel free to browse my Tumblr at, if you want to get to know me better, or browse my journal here. Feel free to message Tumblr user doeskin-pantaloons if you need to check if I’d like something. She’s my sister, and she can keep her mouth shut when necessary.

Things I like: I like character-driven stories. I like a little bit of plot in my romance. I like people you never expected to become friends being friends. I like happy endings, or at least not-entirely-tragic endings - bittersweet is just fine. I like characters who support each other and talk to each other. Basically, make characters talk to each other, and you will have written a story I’ll love.

There are a couple of places where I’ve specifically mentioned romance or sex between two characters in my request. Read those requests with this in mind: Romance is not a requirement for me, let alone porn. If you have an excellent idea that involves filthy sex, go ahead - that would be delightful - but if it doesn’t come up, or it’s not your thing, don’t feel like you have to shoehorn it in for me. As much or as little as you and your characters are comfortable with.

I really like AUs. Every AU. Any AU. Alternate worlds, one-single-change-wreaks-vast-repercussions AUs, crossover AUs. I’ve occasionally put suggestions for AUs under specific fandoms, but don’t feel like they’re comprehensive lists. I am literally always up for an AU, no matter how weird and far removed from the source you think it is. Keep that characterisation consistent, and I will be there with you. Seriously. Go to town on this, if it’s your kind of thing.

Thursday’s Children

I found this book purely by chance, and it was one of the best accidental book discoveries I’ve ever made - it could almost be a children’s book, except that it is littered with very adult details, and very adult storylines, and what’s more, it’s a realistic, detailed book about pre-professional ballet dancers. I like ballet a lot. That is my kind of thing.

Specific things: Ruth. I’d love to see her as an adult. Does she achieve her dream of becoming a choreographer? Is it as fulfilling as she hopes? If not that, I’d love to know what she does immediately after leaving Queen’s Chase.

I am interested in her unfriendship with Crystal. They are so tightly focused on each other, and on disliking each other. I would love to see how they interact as adults, especially because as adults, they’re no longer competing against each other. If you want to ship it, either when they’re teenagers, or as adults, go for it.

Or, if future fic doesn’t appeal, something focusing on any of her other friendships, especially her friendship with Doone, would be delightful. Or a character study. I would like to know where that explosive anger we see when she kicks Crystal goes to when she’s older.

The character I selected was Ruth, but to be honest, I love every little thing about this book, so if you you’ve got some other character on your mind, go ahead - I’ll be fine with it.

The Secret History

I read this book earlier this year, and was surprised at how attached to the six main characters I got, even though they ranged from genuinely terrifying to whiny middle-class. I am very fond of them all and their questionable life choices.

I have canon suggestions:

  • If kidfic is your kind of thing, I’d love to see what any of them were like as children. Tiny studious Henry? Charles and Camilla? Literally any of them.

  • Alternatively, my headcanon is that Richard is repressed and super into Henry. If you share my headcanon, maybe a fic where he manages to admit this to himself. Maybe a fic where he manages to admit this to someone else. Maybe him and Judy Poovey have a D&M about sexuality. Who knows.

  • A what-if where Henry’s suicide attempt fails.

  • Or do something with that “matters progressed” scene. I want more details! I want to know exactly how close to wild sex Richard and Francis got. (What if they’d been interrupted a little later?)

Or, totally alternate universes. Seriously. Anything. Coffeeshop AUs. In space AUs. Heavy metal band AUs. Seriously, what ever comes to your head, I am sufficiently keen on AUs as a concept that I will love it. Put my familiar characters in a weird situation, and I will be delighted.

A Place of Greater Safety

I have a fairly consistent response to intense, tragic novels. So, give me your silly AUs - modern, Hogwarts, Depression-era, dystopian, Wild West, on the International Space Station. Or, bend reality to give the French Revolution a happy ending.

On the other hand, if sticking to canon is more your cup of tea, give me Camille and Maximilien school-days shenanigans (up to and including, if you wish, shippy shenanigans - I have no shame and will ship historical figures). Cute domestic scenes with Camille and Maximilien. Cute domestic scenes with Camille and Maximilien and little Horace.  Cute domestic scenes with… You get the idea.

Honestly, I don’t care what you give me here, as long as it makes me smile (smiling through tears is also acceptable; I do not mind bittersweet).

Come Back Home

I am sucker for a good cyberpunk dystopia, especially one with a rebellion at the end and CL in a mask with a Molotov cocktail. Also, I am delighted by the all-girls social revolution that’s going on in this video.

Worldbuilding? Tell me about these girls, and their boys, and what they’re actually doing in that colourfully lit secret chemistry lab. What’s the world they live in like? Why is it so awful that it’s worth leaving someone you obviously care about for a virtual paradise?

Secret revolutionary meetings? What happens after the end of the video?

If it’s inspired by this music video, whatever you write, I will love.

Thank you, author, and good luck! I hope this letter doesn’t scare you off.

Alasse Irena
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